Superior Quality, Excellent Innovation


Commitment to serve the needs of every client worldwide

Respects the needs and requirement of our customers and excellent performance

BBIZOTIK is guided with trust and Commitment in providing reliable products, safety to our people and to the environment. Respects the needs and requirement of our customers and excellent performance in both products and services. With that foundation, BIZOTIK will continue to provide products of superior quality, excellent innovations and commitment to serve the needs of every client worldwide.

Bizotik has built a reputation of superior quality, reliability, and selection of natural stones for over two decades and have been supplying natural stone and cladding stone products to the market to both commercial and residential customers. The stone featured walls have become increasingly popular, as adding an interior stone well gives you the opportunity to incorporate the stones you use inside and outside. We recognize the specific demands of regional stone models by matching them with the diverse qualities of stone veneers brought from different parts of the nation.

Whether you are designing a new home or garden, modifying an existing property or enhancing a city with an architectural stone building, Bizotik has the stone products to complement your design palette offering a complete design and supply package. Our technical and estimating team is on hand to work with you from initial concept to ensure the optimum solution for your specific project. Our scope in terms of processing capabilities from automated systems to hand finishes allows us to handle any scale of projects. We have a variety of colours, styles, and textures available to suit your individual tastes. This enables Bizotik to be one step ahead of the competition by offering each unique market the stones that are perfect for their local style tradition and architecture.

Our philosophy at Bizotik is customer satisfaction. We strive to make our customers our friends and our friends our customers.